Everything is bundled for you to start saving now.


Track & trace your fleet

All your vehicles, drivers and passengers shown in realtime on one beautiful map.


Cloud storage of routes

Each trip is logged and accessible straight away in the cloud. It's that simple. 

Driver identification

Multiple drivers using a vehicle? Simply tap a driver id on the tracker to log the route to the right driver. 


Passenger check in/out

Know where each passenger is, what time they board the vehicle and when they get out by simply tapping a passenger id on the tracker. 


We automatically calculate the cost for each route. Claim expenses with 1-click or run extensive route reports for operational improvements.


We'll make sure you immediately benefit from SPARC by setting up your administration tool for you.


Idling time

Never wonder how long a vehicle has been standing still with realtime idling reporting. 

Vehicle start/stop notifications

Keep tabs on vehicles with notifications when they start or stop. 

Average & maximum speed

Valuable input on cost-cutting and safety measures comes through average and maximum speed notifications and reporting.