Integrator pricing

We strive for clarity in pricing and have post all information regarding pricing on our website.  We love technology and we love what freedom to create has done for technology, which is why we don't impose rules on our integrators. Our promise to you is that you'll be entirely free to use the SPARC and the data in the way you want. That means that you have the freedom to:


> determine your own margin when you sell to your customers

> order however many devices you want (no minimum order quantity)



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Each SPARC works straight out of the box!

  • Connectivity included, including EU roaming
  • Unlimited users & vehicles
  • Unlimited trips*
  • SPARC in the Cloud


  • Realtime tracker showing whole fleet on a beautiful map 
  • Trip logbook
  • Live acceleration and speed information
  • Live passenger information per vehicle
  • Parking payments log on a map
  • 1-click expense reporting
  • Reports including spreadsheet exports
  • All features


  • FREE session for getting you started
  • Email support included during business hours

*Fair use policy applies

Developer services

We are dedicated to make your integration project a success and we therefore offer, at no extra cost, technical support. As an integrator you will receive exclusive access to the creator's of the SPARC to ask for help on any related issues. As we've developed the SPARC in its entirety in-house (meaning hardware, firmware, software, APIs, industrial design, etc) we are confident we can answer most of your questions.

Want to get a head start and kick off your project with more an instructor lead course? Choose one of our onboarding possibilities for developers outlined below. 


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