How it works

Whether you want to track a in realtime vehicle, learn which passengers are on board or record trips, working with the SPARC is as easy as plugging it in the 12V of your vehicle. The device connects to the SPARC backend and the data becomes available through our APIs, the cloud based management tool or our app. 



Simply plug the SPARC device into the power socket (12V) of the car to start tracking routes, turn the device onto privacy mode for going off the grid. Beside logging routes, drivers are identified using NFC cards or the app, and passengers can check-in on a vehicle to keep track of their trip duration and length for trip billing or security reasons. Data is available through APIs.



Web management tool

The cloud based makes configuring a SPARC incredibly simple. Whether it should be set up to be assigned to one specific user or to be used by many people in a pool car setup, the cloud tool allows set up of any of these scenarios. Users, vehicles and organisations are also managed here. Most importantly, the web management tool makes vital information such as realtime tracking of vehicles, drivers and passengers available through a map; eases expense reporting and provides a complete logbook of all the trips made.