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Plug&Play – Simply plug the SPARC into a power socket like the 12V plug of the car for it to start. 

Connectivity – Each SPARC comes with an automotive grade, embedded sim that works on 2G network. Ready for immediate use. No need to tether your own smartphone - SPARC is completely standalone. 

Bluetooth – Bluetooth is included in each device. Certain firmware updates are done through Bluetooth.  

NFC – Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used for driver and passenger identification. All Mifare NFCs that give out a unique code can be used. If in doubt whether your card will work, please contact sales support

Parking - Pay for your parking straight from the device (currently available in the Netherlands)

5V - 24V – The SPARC will work on all vehicles from 5V to 24V, so from a motorbike to a truck is no problem. 

Coverage – European coverage is included in all data plans, other countries are included as well but may come at a higher price. Please contact sales support for specific coverage & pricing questions. 

GPS – Positioning is at the heart of SPARC and is included in each device. Our routing engine further corrects and analyses GPS positions to ensure an even higher accuracy of routes. 

Route tagging - Users can set their trip as private or business


Routes – A logbook of the complete details of each route is kept online. Each record includes exact routes driven, start and end times, start and end locations, average speed, top speed, total kilometers driven, total trip duration. These routes are in line with the privacy settings stated by the user before starting the trip. 

Parking – A log of all parking transaction is kept online. Each record includes the position of the parking action on a map, details on duration and total costs as well as the zone number. 

Advanced reporting – Download route details and summaries in spreadsheet form to analyse data or upload it into other analytics tools for even more insight.  

Vehicle management – Create unlimited vehicles or vehicle IDs.

Driver management – Create unlimited drivers and manage how they log into the SPARC: either using a contactless (NFC) identifier card or without a login (in the case that a SPARC is used by one person).

Authorisation system – Assign roles to drivers, administrators or integrators - each with different possibilities for creating drivers and seeing routes. 

Expense reporting – Based on the trip costs such as parking costs and route mileage you can generate an expense report which can be downloaded as a PDF. The expense report takes the mileage driven and calculates this with a customisable price per kilometer for 1-click overviews of costs.